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My way as a Sebastatsi

I am Sebastatsi for 12 years, for which I am very happy. This school has really given me a lot. School years have a very important role in a person’s life and it is important to have the right people by your side during that period who will cheer you up, help you, and support you, This person can be a teacher or a friend. Here I found the people who became the closest people to me.

I love my school with all its advantages and disadvantages because I wouldn’t be who I am now if I didn’t study here. For me, studying here is pleasant, you have a choice, your every thought is important, and with all this, it was impossible to get bored or tired of this school. I have participated in many interesting events, I have been to almost every corner of Armenia, and I have had wonderful moments that are impossible to forget. I like being Sebastatsi, it’s making my life more special.

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I. It`s an Idiom Matching Game

It’s raining cats and dogs today! I wish I’d brought my umbrella to school!

  • I left my umbrella at home today.
  • It’s raining heavily.
  • Cats and dogs are falling from the sky.

When I told my mom I would be home at around 2 a.m., she had a cow!

  • My mom bought a baby cow.
  • My mom is really strange.
  • My mom got really excited.

I never learned how to use a computer, so I lost my job to a new employee. It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

  • Only the strong or the best survive.
  • Dogs are eating dogs at the office.
  • Dogs like to eat dogs for lunch.

To kill the goose that lays the golden egg means:

  • To prepare a feast to mark a special occasion.
  • To destroy something that is valuable or profitable to you.
  • To blame some who makes a very large and embarrassing mistake.

III. Choose one word from a set of four (A, B, C and D) to fill a gap.

All that was left for breakfast was some stale bread and tea.

A stale; B. rotten, C sour; D rancid.

I cought sight of an old friend when I went to the bank yesterday.

A saw; B caught; C set; D gained.

He intends to set…… up a computer business with his brother.

A put; B lay; C get; D set.

He decided to go, although. his family begged him not to.

A although; B despite; C otherwise; D if.

Emma fell down and grazed her knee.

A skimmed; B grazed; C rubbed; D scrubbed.

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Conflicts make up a relationship healthy

Conflict gives you a chance to work on the problems in your relationship. Some of us avoid conflict, thinking that if we close our eyes to a problem, it doesn’t exist. During conflict both parts should listen each other and say what hurt them. Only with listening you can solve your disagreements. Of course, constant and repeated arguments are tiring, but you have to understand that they are also necessary to build strong relationships.

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If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make them?

Although many people are afraid of doing mistakes we can’t live without them. Yes, we learn from mistakes but we are afraid to make them because many people are afraid of being criticized, they are ashamed of being wrong, but in the end, we all make mistakes, there is no perfect person, you just shouldn’t care how the people will react to your mistakes, you should learn from them and continue your life without embarrassment or fear. I think people who criticize people’s mistakes are trying to cover up their own mistakes from society, thereby making others worse. A truly infallible person will never discuss another’s life, them being right and wrong. And let’s agree that life without mistakes and their consequences would simply be uninteresting. The person who is afraid and avoids mistakes should just get rid of the dependence on society’s opinion. If we live we must make mistakes because we need to fall to know how to stand up.

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Competition or co-operation

Some people think that a sense of competition should be encouraged in children. Others believe that children who are taught to co-operate rather than compete become more successful adults. And my opinion is that co-operation is better than the competition. When parents encourage competition consequently their children start to see their sisters, brothers, and maybe friends as competitors and I don’t think it’s really good to see your friend as a competitor because you won’t be truly happy with their success and achievements. Besides, when a person sees everyone as a competitor in the future he can’t work in a team with his co-workers because of a sense of competition. Maybe he will be upset because in teamwork everyone gets equal achievement and no one is going to be the first. In my opinion, if you want your children to be successful you should tell them to do their best and be in competition only with themselves.

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Why do people immigrate to other countries?

There are different reasons why people immigrate to other countries. Some people want to have a good education, a good job, live in good conditions that their country doesn’t allow. Very often people can be judged to be leaving their homeland, but everyone chooses in which country to live, work, maybe a person finds more opportunities in another country than in his homeland. And also it doesn’t mean that person doesn’t love his country. I don’t think it is a betrayal, because people can work, study in another country, and then use their knowledge for the benefit of their country. Sometimes people make decisions that don’t want to. People always strive for the best life so if someone finds that he’ll be happier in another country I think it’s normal.

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My Comfort food 

My comfort food is sweets. I can always eat sweets without getting tired, there are even days when I only eat sweets. Sweets help me when I am in a bad mood, because tasty food often change mood for better. I can’t without sweets, I need to eat at least a little during a day. It’s bad on the other hand, because too much sweet is bad for health.

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Which is the best way to achieve success

There are both good and bad moments in our lives. We often succeed, often we do not. So I don’t think there is a special way to always succeed. In general, the only best way to succeed is not to give up endless failures. Failures make us stronger. You will lose success very soon without any failure because you will not appreciate it as much as a success after many failures. Those who don’t give up, always move forward, are not afraid of risks, they succeed in life. The best way to achieve success is to understand why you want to succeed and do your best for that. It’s also very important never to be satisfied with one success because there is always a need to do more and improve your success.

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Fill in the Blanks
Place one of the new words in each of the blanks below.

  1. I embrace my daughter when she came home from camp.
  2. We forbid you to leave the area.
  3. Did you proceed along the hall until you got to the room?
  4. A turtle is a very common reptile.
  5. We made a partial listing of the people who owed the library books because it would take too long to copy all the names.
  6. Betty Sue is always very logical when she prepares her arguments for a debate.
  7. I rarely if ever go to the movies.
  8. Have you seen the cave dweller exhibit in the museum?
  9. I went to high school prior to entering the army.
  10. Be sure to take the precaution not to swim after eating.
  11. Sergeant York got a medal for being valiant in war.
  12. Did you extract the splinter from his foot?
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Tourism always does a place more harm than good

Tourism is actually a very good thing, it has many advantages for the country, if tourism is developed in a given country, then its economy benefits greatly from it. But often tourism does more harm than good. In fact, nature has wonderful places that man has not yet been able to reach, and when that place is discovered by people, it is visited by many tourists, the place is polluted, although before that it was very well preserved. There are many such wonderful places where, just by developing tourism, they start to spoil nature, build hotels nearby, restaurants so that tourists can come and relax even for a few days, so they start earning a lot of money, but as a result nature suffers and it turns from a wonderful place to a landfill.. There are places in nature, wonderful sightseeings that should be enjoyed from afar, because experience shows that people spoil everything around them.