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Tourism always does a place more harm than good

Tourism is actually a very good thing, it has many advantages for the country, if tourism is developed in a given country, then its economy benefits greatly from it. But often tourism does more harm than good. In fact, nature has wonderful places that man has not yet been able to reach, and when that place is discovered by people, it is visited by many tourists, the place is polluted, although before that it was very well preserved. There are many such wonderful places where, just by developing tourism, they start to spoil nature, build hotels nearby, restaurants so that tourists can come and relax even for a few days, so they start earning a lot of money, but as a result nature suffers and it turns from a wonderful place to a landfill.. There are places in nature, wonderful sightseeings that should be enjoyed from afar, because experience shows that people spoil everything around them.