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If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make them?

Although many people are afraid of doing mistakes we can’t live without them. Yes, we learn from mistakes but we are afraid to make them because many people are afraid of being criticized, they are ashamed of being wrong, but in the end, we all make mistakes, there is no perfect person, you just shouldn’t care how the people will react to your mistakes, you should learn from them and continue your life without embarrassment or fear. I think people who criticize people’s mistakes are trying to cover up their own mistakes from society, thereby making others worse. A truly infallible person will never discuss another’s life, them being right and wrong. And let’s agree that life without mistakes and their consequences would simply be uninteresting. The person who is afraid and avoids mistakes should just get rid of the dependence on society’s opinion. If we live we must make mistakes because we need to fall to know how to stand up.

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Assignments for 18.10.2021

New English Advanced Vocabulary Work slide 161 ex-es 1a 2a

1. a) 1. My job as a divorce lawyer is very challenging. – C. It tests my abilities in a way that keeps me interested.

2. I’m a checkout assistant in a supermarket. I really enjoy my job, but it can be a bit monotonous and repetetive. – E. It’s really boring and it makes me feel impatient all the time.

3. I’m a primary school teacher. I find working with young children very rewarding. – B. It makes me happy because it’s useful and important.

4. I work in a small graphic design company and my job’s really motivating. – F. The kind of work I do and the people I work with make me want to work harder.

5. Being a surgeon is very demanding. – D. It’s very high pressure and you have to work long hours.

6. I work at an accounting firm. My job is increadibly tedious.- A. I have to do exactly the same thing every day.

2. a) I’ve just started my third internship. At the end of it, I will have been working unpaid for a year. It feels as though I’m not in control of my own life, that I’m helpless. Academic qualificiations and work positions are almost irrelevant when you’re competing against people who have years of experience, many of whom are taking a step down the creer ladder. I’m not choosy – I’ve spent time in a children’s charity, events managment, a press-office – but they haven’t got me a permanent contract. It’s demoraziliting. And exhausting-job-hunting is a full-time occupation. After clocking off, most people can be free for the night. For the intern, it’s time to go home and look for work. I have no idea how many experience I’ve applied for since graduating, but it’s more than 100.