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Classwork. 09.10.2018

3. c) 1. I’m nor suprised the players are tired – they’ve played four matches this week.

2. My sister’s written five text messages since breakfast – I wonder who they’re to?

3. My fingers hurt! I’ve been writing emails all morning.

4. I’ve been reading this page three times already, but I still don’t understand it.

5. Can we stop now? We’ve been playing this game for more than an hour, and I’m bored!

6. I’ve read this book for hours, and I’m still only on page 5.


d) 1. Do you want a chocolate?

b) No thanks, I‘ve eaten four today already.

2. Why’s your sister so angry?

e) She‘s arguen with her boyfriend all day.

3. Do you want to watch Iron Man?

g) OK. Can you believe I‘ve never seen it?

4. Why’s your father so tired?

f) I don’t know. Has he worked in the garden?

5. Is it alright if I go out now, Mum?

c) Wait a minute. Have you claned your room?

6. Does your sister speak French?

d) Only a little. She‘s not learned it for very long.

7. How’s the homework going?

a) Not very well. I‘ve still not finished.