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Check your progress.01.10.2018))

1. a) 1. I‘ve never had a suprise party.

2. I left school last June.

3. Why didn’t you tell me yesterday.

4. I haven’t still send an email to Dave. I’ll do it now.

5. How long has she had that priecing? It look new.

6. Did you go to the cinema last night.


c) 1. That was the first time I has met her.

2. We weren’t hungry because we had eaten lunch already.

3. Everyone had gone to bed when I got home.

4. We arrived late but luckily the film hadn’t started.

5. They took my plate away but I didn’t finished eating.

6.  Did Jon saw the film before?

Yes – he saw it last week.


2. a) 1. Why is he gesturing at you like that? Have you done something wrong?

2. If you can’t hear me, you could lean forward a little.

3. Just nod you head if it’s too paniful to talk.

4. Do I look nervous? I feel terrifed.

5. I’ve been trying to make eye contact with her for arges

6. Give him a warm smile and everything will be fine.

7. When you fold your arms, does it mean you’re upset with me?


b) 1. Have you ever told a joek where no one laughed?

2. She never says goodbye when she leaves the house.

3. I can’t say the diffirence beetwenb these computers.

4. I crashed my bike into the well and my dad really said me off.

5. It’s never too late to says sorry.

6. He didn’t even say thank you for the present.

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